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Project Description

The naming “Sisilì” emphasizes the geographical reference “si si, lì, in Sicilia” (right there in Sicily), then accompanied by the claim “where the taste takes you”.
From the very beginning, the goal was to take Sicily abroad by promoting high-quality products from local companies.
Customers interest in territorial development was indeed a major inspiration, not only in terms of production and conservation, but also on an aesthetic level focusing the concepts on the“Sicilian landscape”.
Naming, claims, visuals, along with the products, contribute to the sensory experience of the journey in Sicily.
The Sicilian island is constantly evolving, from season to season. Various fragrances, shapes and vibrant colors are all key inspirations for the realization of several patterns in order to graphically visualize those stunning local landscapes.
The contemporary graphic language and Kraft and recycled papers combine elegance and craftsmanship.